Github Build: 2020-11-28 - 5ddb5e0 env: development phpversion: 7.4.13

Moved to GitHub :

GitHub Source

  1. download from Github
  2. create path to "http://localhost/ANY-NAME/"
  3. make writable path "ANY-NAME/writable/"
  4. Browse to "http://localhost/ANY-NAME/public_html/"
  5. experiment by adding your own script
  6. debug by viewing "ANY-NAME/writable/logs/log-TODAY.php"
Have fun :)
Download the zipped "system-strict" folder:
  1. Linux system-strict.tar.xz
  2. Windows
  3. Unzip into "ROOTPATH"
  4. Toggle the following path:
    File: ./app/config/Paths.php
    Line: public $systemDirectory = __DIR__ . '/../../system-strict';
  5. Add the following script to an existing file:
Have fun :)

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