Test Strict_types DEBUG

Ver: 4.0.3 - Build: 77a32b0


Examples of using DECLARE(STRICT_TYPES=1);

Points to note:
  1. this "parent" file includes a file with either:
    • strict not set - (fn-strict-0.php)
      function parameter type declarations NOT SET
    • strict set - (fn-strict-1.php)
      function parameter type declarations SET
  2. selecting Test calls the relevant file and the function test(...)
  3. Results are shown in the table
Test(...) Parent included Result Type
test(2, 3) not declared not declared 5 Matched
test(2, 3) not declared Strict=1
test(2, 3) Strict=1 not declared
test(2, 3) Strict=1 Strict=1
test("2","3") not declared not declared
test("2","3") Strict=1 not declared
test("2","3") not declared Strict=1
test("2","3") Strict=1 Strict=1
Included file: fn-strict-0.php   


function test($a$b)
$a $b;